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Something Mike encountered at a museum in Traverse City, Michigan while attending Film Festival there, August 4, 2018.

The Sky Almost Danced

The Sky almost Danced tonight.
Maybe it was just Clouds,
Gliding along on the wind
Illuminated lightly by a hidden Moon.

Maybe if I’d never seen them,
The Northern Lights caressing the Sky,

And never felt the Infectious Joy
Of Dancing beneath their Dancing Light,

Maybe I wouldn’t have recognized
The Quivering Upper Atmosphere.
Maybe I would have turned away
With a Thought of possible rain tomorrow.

But I’ve been there, so I know,
On a night with nothing to see but clouds
I can still feel it in the air
And, while standing still, can Dance and Soar,
Glad for what I’ve known before!

The above poem is one of two of mine that appear in the 2017 on line edition of Diving on the Moon, the annual journal of The Healing Story Alliance. In addition to the two poems, a major article of mine also appears in this issue, entitled “Healing Story, Social Justice, and Resilience.” The entire Journal is chock full of great articles. Check it out at http://healingstory.org/publications/diving-in-the-moon-journal-2017/