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Mike Seliger
49 Edgewood Drive
Orangeburg, NY 10962
Telephone: 845 365 1223
Cell: 845 729 2526
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Workshops and Consultancies

Mike is available for the following workshops and consultancies:

  • “Dear Storyteller, I Have a Story for You”
    A teacher encourages students to send personal stories to a storyteller who responds to each with a personalized letter containing a story – usually traditional – that resonates with each student’s story. This experiential workshop addresses issues such as:

    • The right story at the right time
    • The gift of personalized communication
    • Encouraging communication skills
    • Recognition as a motivational gift
    • Coleaders: Mike Seliger and Kristin Stegman-Henderson

  • Community Agency Resilience Strategies
    Dr. Mike Seliger’s dissertation, “Community Action Agency Strategies for Survival in the Age of Reaganomics”, has become relevant again. As chair of Healing Story Alliance, he has written and presented on “Healing Story, social justice, and resilience”. Consultancies and workshops enable participants (individuals and/or organizations) to analyze, plan, and build capacity and morale of organizations.
  • Empowering Stories and Their Tellers
    Strategies for using stories to encourage constructive action and compassion in pursuit of social justice. Identifying resources, and encouraging emboldened new voices.
  • Surviving Teen Hell – Perspectives of a Father and Son
    Mike and his son Danny – now a sensitive photographer working in the field of substance abuse counseling – share alternate views on the experience. Extensive audience engagement.
    Coleaders: Mike Seliger and Danny Seliger
  • “Papo Comes Home” – An Ex-Offender Training and Orientation Program
    In 1973, I produced a training tool to be used by QUERER, a South Bronx ex-offender resocialization agency. The product, a fifty minute videotape with an accompanying Trainer’s Guide, explored issues and all-too- likely experiences facing an individual reentering society after substantial time served in prison. “Papo Comes Home” tells a fictionalized story, using a composite of experiences of individuals who had faced the challenges of reentry. These experiences are presented in exaggerated ways, using humor to keep the subject matter both interesting and non-threatening. The story addresses, in separate segments, a series of the common challenges related to reentry, including adjusting to a changed “outside world” and its pace and expectations; dealing with Parole Officer expectations; avoiding temptations and trouble; feelings of aloneness; pursuing employment and the challenge of how to explain the time gap in one’s employment history; reacquainting with family who have moved ahead; and getting help. The video was intended to be used in segments, as part of an orientation program lasting one to two weeks, with each segment introducing a discussion, in which viewers are encouraged to reflect on how they would handle each situation that Papo faces. Continue reading
  • Resource Development
    Workshops and individualized consultancies available. Figuring out what is needed for successful attainment of goals requires strategic analysis of what you (person or organization) have and need, where needed resources can be found and effective ways of obtaining what’s needed – and using it effectively. Money is not (always) the answer.

All workshops and consultancies are tailored to meet the needs of clients.

Audio and video under development.